More Than A Chef
Keith Kash Is A Food Industry Visionary

Keith Kash-Robinson has been building his business with the idea that everyone deserves a great meal and that his focus and vision will always yield dividends. Attending culinary school was not in his path, but he attributes his food mastery to his mother, Lillie Mae, who was a great cook. He is a native of Harlem, New York who embraced his journey and has become a successful business owner in Atlanta. His intelligence, determination and attention to detail is displayed in every catering evolution. If you ask him his specialty he’ll simply reply “FOOD.” In 2000, Chef Kash founded and opened the first Who’s Got Soul Southern Cafe location in Lawrenceville, Georgia. 

The Dekalb location followed in 2008, opening in Decatur, Georgia. Approaching 20 years of servicing the community, both locations have sustained and are still currently operating successfully under his tutelage. Having received a degree in Information Systems Management with a concentration in Network Engineering from Central Texas College and the University of Maryland, has helped him develop the skills for being a strong problem solver and an appreciation for the science of food. Chef Kash served in the United States Navy for 10 years as a telecommunications specialist. 

After being honorably discharged in 1999, he began teaching Microsoft certification curriculum at a local college in Virginia. Shortly after, he was offered a career position in Atlanta and he decided to make it his new home. After arriving in Atlanta, he quickly identified the vast entrepreneurial opportunities and founded his own technology firm. His firm specialized in digital media, advertising, marketing and design. His client list included several Atlanta based artists such as Outkast and Killer Mike. Father, executive, chef, business owner, entrepreneur, visionary and innovator are all words to describe Chef Keith Kash.


In 2014, Chef Kash founded Henlil Food Service Group, Inc. Being a certified vendor and caterer for the City of Atlanta, he competed and won the contract to operate Cafe 55 on the 5th floor of Atlanta City Hall. He looked to his close friend and colleague, Manson Jones, to assist with his efforts to create a successful venture. Manson is a retired Charlotte, North Carolina, Mecklenburg County police officer. He holds a B.A. in Criminology and owns Accessible Security Services which he founded in 2001. He is also a military veteran who served 4 years in the United States Army.

Manson has extensive experience in both the restaurant and catering industries and is currently the Vice President of operations at Henlil Food Service Group, Inc. He is also a nationally Certified Food Safety Manager. His attention to detail and high level logistical aptitude make him a great fit. Their collective business and life experience coupled with their cohesive partnership and shared passion for RESULTS promote a successful and sustainable path for Henlil Foodservice Group Inc.



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